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private Coaching 

The best version of YOU is waiting on the other side.


1:1 Coaching

This is a sacred and private place often referred to has the only "safe place" by many of my clients. Together we walk through 12 intense week of life changing transformation. I create a custom roadmap to meet your goals of healing and ultimate confidence. 

We meet over zoom for 1 hour each week. Tools, resources, homework, and transformative yet practical tools will be given to you each week.  

To give you the individual support and guidance needed, you will have direct access to me for the 12 weeks we are working together. I will give you live feedback over Instagram messenger, Voxer, or Whatapp. Yes, that is correct, you will have a coach in your pocket for 12 weeks! 




“Shelea gave me a lot of positive things to work on, stages of building a wall, starting from the ground up. We worked together for what seemed a short period, and I felt better, the negative chemical dump in my body was gone, and I felt positive. I had changed my thinking. I now had made new habits within my own life, mental and physical ones. I had my thoughts focused and had dealt with the wounds of the past with my ex-wife.

I was now working towards living for myself, my future, and towards a future with my children.”



If someone were to tell me twelve weeks ago that I would be a new man in three months, I would not have believed them. There I sat, however, with Shelea on the other end of a zoom call, telling me, with confidence, that I will be a new man in the scope of twelve weeks. I wanted to laugh, but I was crying. Her confidence, and the resolute profundity of her words, breached my defenses and struck at my core.
My soul knew, long before my mind, that what she was saying was true; that this daunting mountain, I had conjured up before me, was climbable, the pathway was easier than all my imaginings, and that I could drop the baggage I was carrying, because sherpa Shelea had packed everything I was going to need for the trip.

All I had to do was trust her. 

Members Only 

Imagine a group, a family, a community of people just like you. Feel supported, loved, heard and understood. Every member of this group is in or has completed the Pain to Purpose coaching program or online course. 

They will speak your healing language learned in the course and support you on this journey. No need to exhaust friends and family. You will have a safe place to share and get practical advice from people who have been where you are.

You will have lifetime access to this group. Ask me anything in the group…yep forever! I go live, hold free trainings, and give you members only access to upcoming events.  

Dinner with Friends

Payment Options Available

The greatest investment you'll ever make is in yourself

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