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boundary building blocks

Everything you need to set guilt free Boundaries like a BOSS!


Do you feel exhausted, deflated, and even guilty when you try to set healthy boundaries with toxic people in your life? Are you wondering if you're "doing it right" or why it feels so scary and crappy to set them in the first place? 

Or maybe you are confused about what a healthy boundary even looks like and you have no idea where to start. You just know you are READY to not be walked all over by the toxic people in your life. Your confidence and self worth is crumbling every time you let someone take advantage of you.

You are ready to be confident in your decision and know how to follow through with your boundaries. Or maybe there are people in your life you want to let go or distance yourself from but you don't know how. The majority of conversations and events have become toxic and you desperately need to implement boundaries to protect yourself. 


Okay,'re in the right place!

Stressed Woman

What you will learn

Module 1 

Understand the basic principles of WHY we set boundaries and how they benefits our lives in the best way possible. What are boundaries and why do we need them? 

Module 2 

Discover what has been holding you back and where you learned that boundaries were scary and not safe. Boundaries are meant to keep the wrong people out and the right people in. This creates connection and community within a core group of individuals that align with your values... and that feels good. 

Module 3

Uncover your negative core beliefs around why you are fearful of setting boundaries. Use the steps in the workbook to navigate:


1. What feelings come up when I set a boundary?

2. How to process that feeling and see the situation differently?

3. Where in my life do I want to set boundaries?

4. What is the result I want from setting these boundaries?

5. Create action steps and examples to implement.

Module 4

Guilt free boundaries begin with understanding you are NOT responsible for other people's emotional reaction to your boundaries. I repeat, you are NOT responsible for other peoples emotional outburst in response to your boundary. I'll show you!

Module 5

Feeling value, confidence, worth and self-love is a necessary to feel SAFE when setting boundaries.  Learn how to cultivate and use these necessary elements as you continue to set healthy and consistent boundaries for yourself and those around you. 

Module 6

Boundaries are not just "yes and no".  You will learn how to set three types of healthy boundaries. These are the "triple B's". Boundary Building Blocks. Boundaries for yourself, boundaries in conversations with others, and boundaries around events. Your workbook will give you prompts and examples of each. 

Happy Friends

What you get!

* BBB Workbook 

* 3 hour Workshop in total

2 hours of workshop & training +1 hour Q&A )

* 2 Flexible times to choose from

* Lifetime access to replay video + audio within 48 hours 


This workshop is valued at over $300!

You can snag your spot for only $111


Available Now! 


My goal is to provide you with incredible

resources and information so


Once they are filled they are gone. This course will

not reopen until the fall so don't miss it!

Once you have reserved your spot you will receive

the link for the workshop in your email.

Workbook to follow.


Meet Your Coach



Shelea Daily is a Registered Nurse and Narcissist Abuse Recovery Coach with a big vision to help survivors of narcissist abuse reclaim a life of purpose and meaning.  

During her own healing journey she became frustrated with the lack of resources available to help victims of narcissistic abuse move forward in life and heal from the pain.

She experienced a massive gap between learning about narcissism and finding practical tools to take the next steps. This ignited her vision to create The Pain to Purpose Project.  After her own healing journey, she carefully wove together the elements and techniques that transformed her own pain into purpose coupled with more than 20 years of nursing, to create this Signature Course. 

She helps clients experience rapid and lasting healing by connecting body, heart, and mind work, which her clients refer to as her “magic sauce!”


  • Today Shelea has a sold-out 1-1 coaching program with clients from around the world. 

  • Her private Facebook group with 22,000 + members.

  • Exclusive retreats and trainings

  • Multiple digital courses 

  • Success stories from clients around the world. 

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