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The only online course that walks you step-by-step from your deepest pain into your biggest purpose. 

Every day I get messages like this "Shelea, I can't take it anymore. Tell me what to do"

Narcissist abuse is REAL. It's hard for family and friends to understand your pain if they haven't been through this cruel form of abuse. Feelings of loneliness, isolation creep in and feed the growing depression. "I'm a strong person... how did I let this happen?" Shame and guilt are in the driver's seat making this 


Now... here you are. You want to stop the anxiety. You want to end the constant movie playing on repeat in your head of how the narcissist treated you. 


The ruined holidays, humiliation, lies, manipulation, and constant gaslighting has left you spiraling down the black hole of despair and confusion.

You feel like giving up... you are only a shell of who you once were. It hurts, it's embarrassing, and now the shame spiral begins to feed the feeling of unworthiness, love self-esteem, and lack of confidence. You feel like you'll never get back to who you once were before the narcissist broke you down. 


You tried so gave everything to "fix" this person but it was never enough. They took advantage of you over and over again then watched you bleed without empathy or remorse for their actions. 

    What clients are saying...

"Saved My Life..."


"Shelea’s coaching program literally saved my life and then put me on a path of success, joy, enlightenment, self-discovery, self-care, and helped me reconnect with my true self, which I lost over the years living with 3 narcissists almost my entire life. Before I found Shelea and started her program, I felt totally lost, frantic, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, broken, and stuck. I was devastated that my life seemed to be on a downward spiral with me losing control of the very basics. The 12-week program with Shelea is life-changing and definitely delivers on the promise of experiencing breakthroughs. Shelea is by far the best coach I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her background, knowledge, experience, personality, as well as genuine compassion, create a unique mix of skills that deliver major results."

Amalia, Pain to Purpose Alumni


"Greatest Investment"


I want to give a huge thank you to Shelea for everything. To say that Shelea “helped me” would be the understatement of the century. 


Working with Shelea has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself in my entire life! I started working with her after going through a really tough breakup after a long term relationship ended. I felt myself spiraling out of control with negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and my confidence was at an all-time low. I thought I would be alone forever.  Dark place. Shelea completely, this is not an exaggeration, she completely transformed my life


She showed me the negative relationship patterns I had cycled through my entire life. Then the support and tools to change them

Heston, Pain to Purpose Alumni

Heston 1.jpg

Just imagine...

  • Finding yourself again.

  • Discovering your purpose.

  • Feeling strong, confident, and empowered. 

  • Setting boundaries for yourself and with others.

  • Letting go of guilt, shame, and defeat.

  • Living and not just surviving every day.

  • Learning new core beliefs about your worth and value. 

  • Ending negative thoughts about yourself and creating a new and empowering mindset.

  • Healing old wounds once and for all.

  • Imagine finally knowing who you are and how to create the life you want...confidently and guilt free!

  • Imagine the bold and confident you that feels empowered, alive, happy, and free!


I have helped people all over the world heal old wounds, let go, and stop destructive relationship patterns.

If you're DONE with quick fixes, years and years of therapy, groups, books, and loads of things that haven't worked...THIS IS FOR YOU!

This could be you... 


Kelly, Accounts Manager

Working with Shelea has been life-changing. I tell everyone about her. My friends and family can see the difference in me. I have been working with counselors on and off since my 20's but Shelea pushed me through 4 weeks of intense homework that actually WORKS! I had been searching for tools...she gave them to me. I use them every day. 


Jaclynn, Salon Owner

I knew I needed help. I was mentally drained, exhausted, and so confused as to who I was anymore. Shelea taught me how to process everything step-by-step. How to literally reprogram my brain and how it was functioning after years of trauma. She taught me how to love ME again and how to identify my feelings and where they were coming from. She taught me how to heal.

josh 2.png

Joshua, Entrepreneur 

If someone were to tell me twelve weeks ago that I would be a new man in three months, I would not have believed them. In my twelve weeks with Shelea, I saw direct and/or measurable improvement in my personal life, self image, confidence, relationships, parenting, anxiety level, thought patterns, communication, health, outlook on life, self awareness, personal faith, decision making, business, and income, just to name a few.


 A 11-module, online course with Live coaching that uses proven transformative methods to overcome the pain of narcissistic abuse. You have immediate access to the life-changing videos, resources, support, clarity, exercises, healing blueprint, and community that so many others from all over the world have used to start a New Life.

24/7 Lifetime Access

Unlock 24/7 INSTANT access to the Pain to Purpose course. You will have lifetime access to the course, including ALL updates. These coaching videos, downloads, and resources are yours to watch and use...forever!

A private Community

The members only private Facebook group is a safe place to share, ask me questions, and feel the love and support from others who are healing from the abuse just like you. This is the community you need with both men and women that understand what you've been through. 

lifetime Live Coaching

Join Narcissist Abuse Recovery expert Shelea Daily, special guest, and other community members for Live coaching calls and sessions. These interactive sessions will dive deeper into the course material and followed by open Q&A with Shelea! Instead of only getting a few sessions or weeks of coaching, you will have lifetime access to live coaching in the community. 

Lifetime upgrades

Bonus materials and recommended materials will be added to your portal automatically. You'll never miss an update or an upgrade inside your members only course.

exclusive member discounts

Be the first to receive new offers, freebies, and deep discounts all year. I love to create free content for my members before adding it to courses. As a member, you get access to live training, recordings, and an exclusive invite for the Pain to Purpose Retreat hosted on an amazing little island on the east coast of Florida. 

What you will learn

Module 1 - Welcome

From confusion to clarity. Learn how to navigate the course utilizing each tool for your maximum benefit and transformation. 

module 2 - narcissist 101

Understand the diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Terms, symptoms, treatments, and specific techniques to finally understand what happened and who they are. Know exactly how to respond, fight back, and feel empowered to not be manipulated by the lies. 


module 3 - stop the chatterbox

The non-stop thought loop that plays constantly on repeat in your mind reminding you of the trauma and pain. Learn how to listen to your chatterbox so you can stop the negative and debilitating self-talk. Turn your mind into an instrument to create relief and happiness instead of insecurity and pain.


module 4 - Though shifting

You have the ability to change all of your emotions by changing your thoughts. By breaking the negative thought loop you will learn how to move out of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, and painful thoughts and regain control of the moment. This module is so powerful as you learn to observe and "feel your feelings" but not be controlled by them!   

module 5 - Self-Love

Everyone tells you to love yourself but nobody tells you how! When you begin to love yourself, be confident, and know your worth, everything will change. I'm going to give you the practical steps to build self-esteem and unshakable confidence in weeks not years. The YOU that loved life, was bold, vibrant, and strong...the very best version of you still exist on the other side of healing. Let's find that person again! 

module 6 - Boundaries 

Boundaries are not about saying yes or no. Boundaries allow us to honor ourselves, time, energy, and peace while making guilt free decisions and cultivating self-love. Learn how to set guilt free boundaries that keep the right people in your life and the wrong people out.

module 7 - I am 

If I asked you who you are, do you know? Do you understand the difference in your value, worth, and Identity versus your Role? Who are you and what is your purpose in life? You will learn how to separate identity vs. role and identify your Purpose in life. 


module 8- Relationships

Are you tired of repeating destructive relationship patterns and cycles? Wouldn't you like to understand your needs but also who are compatible with? This module will give you the roadmap to break old habits and choose a partner from a place of wholeness and clarity. 


module 9 - Create your life

It's time! Your time! This is about the life you want and know you deserve. I'm going to show you how to create an exciting future to look forward to. No more "doom and gloom" as you look ahead. You will learn how to align your potential, desires, and needs to attract all the goodness and possibilities life has for you. You are limitless and life can be fun again. 

bonus module- empowering language

Do you catch yourself saying "I'm sorry" over and over again? Always criticizing yourself and using insulting language instead of empowering language when you speak about yourself? This module is open from day one so you can jump in and start reframing all the negative language around who you are and your actions. Feel empowered immediately! What if you're 'loving' vs 'needy' …see how that feels different?  

bonus module- process your feelings

Emotions are not meant to be carried forever. They are only trying to give you clues about the world around you. Often, we interpret those feelings incorrectly and struggle in pain unnecessarily. What if you could process your feelings versus caring the weight of guilt, shame, regret, and past pain? Can you imagine how great that would feel to let it all go? This module will give you the step-by-step process to quickly identify old and new feelings that are keeping you stuck. Start feeling happiness, joy, love and peace instead!







Payment Plan

Only 6 payments of



Extended Payment Plan


12 Months

Bonus #1 Free Lifetime Membership to the private Members Only Group 

Bonus #2  $200 off coupon to use on any future Shelea Daily mastermind, workshop, or training


       Pay in Full Bonuses 

 60 minute Live Coaching Call with Shelea!


I can't wait to meet you inside the course!!!!



Meet your Coach,


Shelea Daily is a Registered Nurse and Narcissist Abuse Recovery Coach with a big vision to help survivors of narcissist abuse reclaim a life of purpose and meaning.  

During her own healing journey she became frustrated with the lack of resources available to help victims of narcissistic abuse move forward in life and heal from the pain.

She experienced a massive gap between learning about narcissism and finding practical tools to take the next steps. This ignited her vision to create The Pain to Purpose Project.  After her own healing journey, she carefully wove together the elements and techniques that transformed her own pain into purpose coupled with more than 20 years of nursing, to create this Signature Course. 

She helps clients experience rapid and lasting healing by connecting body, heart, and mind work, which her clients refer to as her “magic sauce!”


  • Today Shelea has a sold-out 1-1 coaching program with clients from around the world. 

  • Her private Co-parenting Facebook group with 22,000+ members.

  • Exclusive retreats and trainings

  • Multiple digital courses 

  • Success stories from clients around the world. 


Send additional questions to or connect on Instagram for faster response. 

What happens once I sign up?

You will receive an email confirmation immediately with instructions on how to sign into your course and the link to join the Members Only group. 

When do we begin?

You can open the first three modules immediately and also join the FB Members Only group.  

Zoom link for Pay In Full members to get their TWO coaching sessions will be sent via email. 

What if I'm limited on time?

This course is designed for you to move at your own pace but no faster than a module a week so you can practice what you are learning. You will be guided to gently manage your time and be supported through the process.

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