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I know that you know what you want but you're scared it's not going to work.
(and nobody will pay you that amount) 

I want to share the life changing pieces you're missing. How to monetize the GAP between where you are and where you want to be. 

The gap is where you get clear on your desires, leverage current assets, and create a clean process to scale the business. We quickly get you out of the weeds and into the piece of your business that your passionate about. 


Recently a client came to me for help. She is a photographer who really loves to shoot weddings.  At least 8 of these weddings have been published in multiple magazines and she even has sponsorships by two major brands in the wedding industry. Her reviews were amazing! 


The entire time she was talking I was thinking “that’s a really big deal” yet she seemed burnt out and frustrated. Within just a few minutes of her sharing I could see so many obvious, simple things that would transform her business. 


First, she wasn’t just shooting weddings which was her passion. She was trying to be a photographer for everyone that approached her which meant family sessions, branding shoots, events… that didn’t feed her soul.


Second, there was no systems, no automations, no strategy, and no CLEAR offer. She had three different offers for three different client profiles yet clients were constantly entering into the wrong package. That left overworked and underpaid for her services. Her energy was focused on chasing invoices, answering emails, DMs, and throwing out random offers to everyone with no clear process to follow through. 


The truth is, she didn’t enjoy any of that stuff, she only wanted to focus on her passion, shooting WEDDINGS. The drain of everything else was making her feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like she was losing her passion for photography.


The next 8 weeks changed her life. 


She learned how to get clear and trust what she really wanted.  We leveraged her assets to create a high ticket offer that felt exciting and not draining. The last step was creating processes, systems, and automations that allowed her do what she loved (photograph the wedding, not events and families) without being bogged down with1000 other things. 


Can you relate? You have these great ideas and you're making money but you don't have systems or a process that’s scalable.  Maybe you want to go from 6 to 7 figures but you don’t know how. I will show you how to break down and monetize the GAP no matter where you’re starting from. 

“I continue to work with Coach Shelea Daily as a high performance coach and I must say she is nothing short of incredible. She is one of the best accountability coaches I’ve ever worked with and she couples her coaching with a seemingly endless supply of ideas, imagination, and creativity. In the first 60 days, my monthly reoccurring revenue increased +30%. She provides insane value for her time. If you are an entrepreneur or executive and want to dramatically improve your personal results, Coach Shelea Daily is your best choice.”


Don Markland

Accountability Now - Rated #1 Business Coach from Yahoo Finance!

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