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How to transform your low

self-esteem into unshakable confidence in 5 simple steps. 

Overcome narcissistic, emotional, and psychological trauma by building unconditional self-worth and healthy boundaries. 

(I know you're feeling a little unloved, but don't worry...I got you!) 

NOTE: Limited Masterclass seats available!

BONUS: Once you register, you'll receive my video training —Emotional Detox NOW! A quick and powerful process to let go of anxiety in just one minute! 

What You'll learn on this LIVE Masterclass


Our brains can feel like our best friend or our biggest enemy. Learn to press STOP on the movie reel that’s replaying vivid memories of trauma and abuse. Free yourself from rehearsing painful memories from the relationship, and rewire your brain for confidence. 


Know what’s truly life-changing? When you wake up to your worthiness. No one can give it and no one can take it away. It just IS. It’s time to embark on an epic journey cultivating self-love by showing up in this world as YOU. You are enough. You are good. (And I mean like freaking good!) 


Boundaries are the building block to a life of freedom and purpose. They give you the confidence to honor yourself and your needs. Creating boundaries with people doesn't have to feel bad. It can be empowering and feel great! 



Are you tired of lighting yourself on fire, just to keep everyone else warm? You’re burnt out on busy. Now is the time for YOU. This Masterclass will give you tools to use every day to honor your feelings and continue to build boundaries and practice self-love. 


Kelly, Accounts Manager

Working with Shelea has been life-changing. I tell everyone about her. My friends and family can see the difference in me. I have been working with counselors on and off since my 20's but Shelea pushed me through 4 weeks of intense homework that actually WORKS! I had been searching for tools...she gave them to me. I use them everyday. 


Darci, Dermatology PA

I know for certain God placed Shelea in my life at the exact time I needed her  and I just have this immense amount of gratitude for the growth I went through.

It seems cliche but I truly feel like that chapter of pain and heartache is finally closed and my heart is healed and open for the next one ahead. 


Randy, Business Owner

It took me a long time to learn this...I didn't know how. Shelea taught me self-love is not just a one time thing. To love and myself and who I am is something I do over and over again. 

Shelea will show you how too. I was a train wreck...seriously. What a huge difference she has made in my life. I use the tools taught me EVERYDAY. 

Meet Your Coach

Shelea Daily


Shelea Daily is a Registered Nurse, Speaker, Life Coach, and the founder of the Pain to Purpose Project.

During her own healing journey, she discovered a massive gap between learning about narcissism and finding practical tools to heal from it.  She knew something had to change.  After discovering the techniques that transformed her own pain into purpose, happiness, confidence, and the life she dreamed of, she knew it was too good to keep a secret. 


Weaving together her personal experience, research, and her background in Neurological ICU nursing The Pain to Purpose Project was born!  She helps clients experience rapid and lasting healing by connecting body, heart, and mind work, which her clients refer to as her “magic sauce!” 


Today Shelea has worked with thousands of men and women from countries all over the world to help them heal from the devastating aftermath of narcissistic abuse. She speaks at events and on podcasts about living in your purpose, finding your passion, overcoming anxiety and low-self esteem, and living an empowered life. 


Are you ready? 

Seats are limited... I wouldn't wait.

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