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the Botox Bar of Amelia Island

Trusted professionals with the experience to deliver a natural more youthful version of YOU!

We care committed to spending the time during your free consultation to understand exactly how you want your face to

look then helping you achieve those results! 

Botox Membership

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Never stress about your Botox appointment again!

...what you get

* Only $99/month
* Treatments every 4 months
* Bonus - 1 Free Redlight Treatment/Month
* Bonus - 1 Free Skinny Shot

Join today and get your bonuses right away!
First treatment will be available in the fourth month of membership

Need your Botox now? Schedule an appointment at 904.753.3577
then start your membership the following month

Results you Trust

"Neurotoxin treatments require skill, experience, and a provider that is listening to your request. Your face is what everyone sees first and we understand how important that is to you to feel confident in you appearance. When you love how you look feel beautiful and more confident. Let us help you look and feel your very best!"


Nurse Shelea, RN, BSN

CEO and Founder

11 North Aesthetics

BOOK NOW  904.753.3577 

Client Reviews

11 North Aesthetics is wonderful! I was so nervous to try a new beauty treatment and she was so reassuring and informative. I don’t trust just anyone with my face, Shelea was perfect! Also love how many different services you can have done all in one place!

                                           - Kelly Thomas

She is super duper knowledgeable about botox, way more than anybody at any other places I went before, she took her time to talk to me what I want, studied extensively my facial expression's moving, to know what exactly I need, and she did the injections very smoothly without any big pain.


                                               - Judith Toth

I am so happy I was introduced to Shelea. I was missing this type of service and her professionalism, knowledge and energy help you feel extremely comfortable and in good hands! Highly recommend her and her services!

                                            - Anne Scales


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime however it is a membership and there are no refunds so it's best to cancel after you received your treatment.

Is there a unit limit?

The goal of the membership it to take the stress and guessing out of how much you will be spending on your treatment and simply have you enjoy the experience. The average person receives between 35-45 units. Any amount over 45 units will be the membership price of $10 each additional unit.

How does it work?

When you start your membership you can enjoy your free bonuses right away. Your first treatment will be 4 months from the time you join and available again every 4 months after the initial treatment.

What if I don't come back in 4 months?

Your membership entitles you to 3 treatments in a 12 month period with a minimum period of four months in between treatment. If you choose not to use all 3 treatments in the 12 month period, they do not transfer over to the following year. The same is true for the redlight and skinny shot. They do not accrue.

How do I pay?

Your $99 membership will be deducted automatically from the card you provide. No stress! All you need to do is make your appointment and enjoy. You can cancel at anytime however no refund is issued for the previous months not used.

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