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Performance $140

For the athlete! Enhance performance, recover faster, and increase mental clarity. Decreases muscle soreness and breakdown  while replenishing the essential electrolytes you need to take on any challange.


Energy boosT $130 

Feeling exhausted or jet lag after your travels? Help boost metabolism, increase energy production, and promote healthy energy levels without the "big crash" at the end. Don't let fatigue hold you back.

Eating Healthy Salad

The Skinny $150

Drop unwanted pounds, boost energy, increase metabolism, curve cravings, and turn excess fat into energy! This infusion is designed to jumpstart your metabolism while replenishing your body with essential nutrients.

Drinking Water

Hydration plus $140

Feeling fatigue, brain fog, and "run down"?  These can be signs of dehydration. This infusion is design to accelerate hydration, flush out toxins and get your body feeling healthy and renewed!


Hangover $140

Night out!? To much fun at the wedding, on the golf course OR the dreaded food poisoning? We have the cure! Relieve hangover symptoms of headache, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue with this infusion.

Hugging a Pillow

immune boost $130

Get ahead of cold & flu season by boosting your immune system! Already feeling yuck?  This infusion can alleviate the symptoms and shorten the duration of the common cold or flu with these high dose essential vitamins.

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