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Private Coaching

The best version of YOU is waiting on the other side.


1:1 Coaching

This is a sacred and private place often referred to has the only "safe place" by many of my clients. Together we walk through 12 intense week of life changing transformation. I create a custom roadmap to meet your goals of healing and ultimate confidence. 

We meet over zoom for 1 hour each week. Tools, resources, homework, and transformative yet practical tools will be given to you each week.  

To give you the individual support and guidance needed, you will have direct access to me for the 12 weeks we are working together.

I will give you live feedback over in Voxer. Yes, that is correct, you will have a coach in your pocket for 12 weeks! 

You will also have lifetime access to the FULL online course Pain to Purpose. All updates, full access to review at anytime. What is  Pain to Purpose? Click here for more info.

"Saved My Life..."


"Shelea’s coaching program literally saved my life and then put me on a path of success, joy, enlightenment, self-discovery, self-care, and helped me reconnect with my true self, which I lost over the years living with 3 narcissists almost my entire life. Before I found Shelea and started her program, I felt totally lost, frantic, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, broken, and stuck. I was devastated that my life seemed to be on a downward spiral with me losing control of the very basics. The 12-week program with Shelea is life-changing and definitely delivers on the promise of experiencing breakthroughs. Shelea is by far the best coach I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her background, knowledge, experience, personality, as well as genuine compassion, create a unique mix of skills that deliver major results."

Amalia, Pain to Purpose Alumni


"Greatest Investment"


I want to give a huge thank you to Shelea for everything. To say that Shelea “helped me” would be the understatement of the century. 


Working with Shelea has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself in my entire life! I started working with her after going through a really tough breakup after a long term relationship ended. I felt myself spiraling out of control with negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and my confidence was at an all-time low. I thought I would be alone forever.  Dark place. Shelea completely, this is not an exaggeration, she completely transformed my life


She showed me the negative relationship patterns I had cycled through my entire life. Then the support and tools to change them

Heston, Pain to Purpose Alumni

Heston 1.jpg

Payment Options
The greatest investment you'll ever make is in yourself






Bonuses with pay in full (most popular choice)
1.  Extra 1 hour session ($200 value)
2.  $200 Coupon toward any SD programs valued over $499
3.  Free Voxer Support $250 value

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