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Have you reached the point where you know you can't live like this anymore? You've tried therapy, books, groups, talking to friends...nothing helps. The pain is so deep. The words, the fights, the discard...all the things that make you feel broken, unworthy, and unlovable. You see happy and confident people all around you...why can't this be you? It CAN! 

I want to personally help you take your life back, find your purpose, and move forward!

It's Not Over!

It's not over! You can take your life back and decide how the rest of this story unfolds.


This is one chapter in your story, but it is NOT the entire book! 


You are hurting.


You feel like this pain will never end.


You feel like there is no way out...Stuck.


You feel like you've lost everything and you will never be the same again.


You are not alone. Many people all over the world struggle with abusive and toxic relationships. Having the courage to get out can be one of the hardest things you'll ever do, AND the most rewarding.


Reaching the bottom and realizing you NEED to get out can take years, sometimes decades. Then, once you take that what?


Being able to move on after a relationship that hurt you AND discover how to take your life back can seem like an insurmountable task. One that pushes some individuals back into yet another unhealthy relationship. 


The lies your abuser told you about yourself dominate your thoughts enforcing feeling of fear , lack of worth, and core beliefs about who you are that are just not true!


"Maybe I'm the bad one. Maybe nobody will ever love me. Maybe I'm the reason this relationship didn't work."


Now you are back in the same cycle. The same emotional and verbal abuse that kept you prisoner to an unhealthy and toxic relationship.  

Does this sound like you?

 You know you need to get out but you feel hopeless, powerless and lost.

 You're sick of feeling frustrated, confused, and hurt. 

 You feel disconnected and detached from everyone. 

 You're exhausted from fighting and walking on eggshells. 

You're struggling because you KNOW you were meant for more. 

You think nobody will understand your pain and there is no way out. 

You are doneeeeee...can't take it another second!


"If only there was someone to show me how to Live Again and Take My Life Back."



  ~ You were able to say "NO MORE."

  ~ You rediscover your Value, Worth & Purpose.  

  ~ You're happy, confident, strong and FREE. 

  ~ You say No to what doesn't serve you and YES to what does!

  ~ The strong, sexy, goddess YOU takes her life back (Hell Yes!)

  ~ You navigate the separation with dignity, style, and grace. 

   ~ You are Motivated, Unstoppable, Fierce...nothing in your way!

   ~ Imagine your heart, mind, and body healing and whole again. 

   ~ You are the mom, employee, and friend you want to be. 

   ~ You are ready to LOVE again!


The Pain to Purpose Project

The Pain to Purpose Project is a 90-day, personalized, hands-on commitment crafted specifically for the resilient individuals  who are looking to heal from the pain of their current or past relationships. A journey of rebuilding self-esteem, overcoming fear, loneliness, guilt, and insecurity while discovering their purpose, unshakable worth, value, and inner strength like never before. 

We start by uncovering your hidden strength, improving self-confidence and identifying abusive patterns to support your personal evolution from pain to purpose.


We then set weekly and monthly goals to keep you moving forward through your transformational healing journey.


We provide strategies and unlimited support through guidance calls, emails, voice messages, and video calls. You are never alone through this journey.


We give professional advice for custody arrangements, communication issues, and financial barriers that create massive stress and take a huge toll on your mental health.


We then take action on everything we’ve discovered and learned in order to stay committed and accountable in the journey to take your life back.

Book your free discover call now!

Still Not Sure If We'd Be A Good Fit?


~ You have troubles setting boundaries and immediately recognizing unhealthy patterns in your relationships.


~ You deeply desire the ability to take control of your life as a healthy, independent woman.


~ You’ve felt lost and overwhelmed with where your life is and need strategies to find yourself and choose yourself so you never get lost again.


~ You want to get YOU back and you miss that old you so much.


~ Your ready to fight for your peace in your life and want a transformational, proven system to rediscover your voice and purpose.

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