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A What is a life coach? Great question! The short answer is someone who can help you improve your life. Coaching will guide you in how to identify and maximize your full potential to get the results you desire. Imagine a trusted, caring, and supportive friend that will help you map out the life you want while holding you accountable and providing encouragement as you achieve success. There is a journey to becoming a better version of yourself but you don't have to take it alone.
You are in the right place and I am here to help you.


Can a life coach help me?
        Let's find out together.

How does coaching work?

As your coach I will help you analyze your current situation and create a custom action plan to help you achieve personal and professional goals. The goal of life coaching is to effectively support you in these transitions. 

Together we will:

  • Clarify your goals and desired outcome

  • Identify obstacles that are holding you back

  • Remove limiting beliefs 

  • Create a roadmap that feels exciting and affective versus hard

  • Implement strategies that promote success

  • Stay focused and accountable in achieving your results

  • Optimize the plan based on your needs and personality 

  • Help you feel safe, supported, and nurtured throughout the transition

  • Celebrate, encourage, and promote increased productivity as you grow

How will life coaching benefit me?

How life coaching will benefit you varies based on your specific goals and desired outcome. Some clients come to me fully aware of their vision but don't know how to take the next steps.  Others need both clarity and the strategy to move forward. These are a few ways clients have expressed their transformation. 

  • Improved sleep, mood, and overall happiness

  • New healthy relationships 

  • Ability to set boundaries in current relationships

  • Increased sense of purpose and self-worth

  • Confidence to safely express core needs and desires

  • Increased productivity 

  • Feeling accomplished and successful

  • Improved communication skills

  • Elevated confidence and self-love

  • Financial growth and stability

  • Starting a new business

  • Drastically increasing ROI in current business


Personal or professional coaching? Which one is right for me?


Already know what you want? Let's get started!
pick the program that works best for you

Life Coaching
For the person who wants a complete life transformation

A high touch program that walks you step by step toward your highest self. This intimate and private setting offers you a safe place to boldly create vision, remove any limiting beliefs, and fully step into the life you were meant for. Together we create your customized plan to achieve the exact results you've dreamed of.  

Business Coaching
The individual wanting to start or optimize a current business. 

Brand new to entrepreneurship, seasoned professional, or long time business owner, this is for you. Starting or scaling a business is not just about strategy (although we deep dive into that piece). Together we increase your ROI and productivity by looking at the entire success model...that starts with you.  

Pain to Purpose 
For the individual healing
from toxic relationships.

The roadmap to healing and finding your true self, value, and worth again after ending a toxic relationship can feel lonely and isolating.  Here you will find a step-by-step process to rebuild your life, heal your heart, and discover a new YOU on the other side. You don't have to walk this journey alone. Love and support is available. 

Hi, I'm Shelea

I want tell you a little bit about me and how Shelea Daily Coaching got started. 

I'm a Registered Nurse, mom of three, and Life Coach with specialties in Narcissist Abuse Recovery, Leadership Development, and Personal Empowerment. 

During my own healing journey I became frustrated with the lack of resources to help me heal from past trauma.  Most importantly, the "next steps" and practical tools needed to become the empowered person I desperately wanted to be. I wanted a life to be proud of despite my past but could not find the resources to bridge that gap. 

After my own transformation I became so excited to share with others the process I went through that completely changed my life. Personal, mental, spiritual, physical, and professional. 


This ignited the vision to create The Pain to Purpose Project which was my first online course created to help you heal your wounded heart. The carefully woven together elements and techniques that transformed my own past Pain into finding my greatest Purpose.


My personal experience  coupled with nursing in a Trauma/Neuro ICU, 20 years in healthcare, and training professional leaders in business development allowed me to create this Signature Course, Masterminds, and programs that help clients experience rapid and lasting healing, true transformation, and most importantly live in their greatest Purpose. 

Clients all over the world have written testimonials about their transformations both personally and in business. Now it's your turn. I'm so happy you're here. 


Before you go, shop the signature collection inspired by my own journey and client stories. 




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