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"Saved My Life..."


"Shelea’s coaching program literally saved my life and then put me on a path of success, joy, enlightenment, self-discovery, self-care, and helped me reconnect with my true self, which I lost over the years living with 3 narcissists almost my entire life. Before I found Shelea and started her program, I felt totally lost, frantic, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, broken, and stuck. I was devastated that my life seemed to be on a downward spiral with me losing control of the very basics. The 12-week program with Shelea is life-changing and definitely delivers on the promise of experiencing breakthroughs. Shelea is by far the best coach I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Her background, knowledge, experience, personality, as well as genuine compassion, create a unique mix of skills that deliver major results."

Amalia, Pain to Purpose Alumni


"Greatest Investment"


I want to give a huge thank you to Shelea for everything. To say that Shelea “helped me” would be the understatement of the century. 


Working with Shelea has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made in myself in my entire life! I started working with her after going through a really tough breakup after a long term relationship ended. I felt myself spiraling out of control with negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and my confidence was at an all-time low. I thought I would be alone forever.  Dark place. Shelea completely, this is not an exaggeration, she completely transformed my life


She showed me the negative relationship patterns I had cycled through my entire life. Then the support and tools to change them

Heston, Pain to Purpose Alumni

Heston 1.jpg

Every day I get messages like this "Shelea, I can't take it anymore. Tell me what to do"

Narcissist abuse is REAL. It's hard for family and friends to understand your pain if they haven't been through this cruel form of abuse. Feelings of loneliness, isolation creep in and feed the growing depression. "I'm a strong person... how did I let this happen?" Shame and guilt are in the driver's seat making this 


Now... here you are. You want to stop the anxiety. You want to end the constant movie playing on repeat in your head of how the narcissist treated you. 


The ruined holidays, humiliation, lies, manipulation, and constant gaslighting has left you spiraling down the black hole of despair and confusion.

You feel like giving up... you are only a shell of who you once were. It hurts, it's embarrassing, and now the shame spiral begins to feed the feeling of unworthiness, love self-esteem, and lack of confidence. You feel like you'll never get back to who you once were before the narcissist broke you down. 


You tried so gave everything to "fix" this person but it was never enough. They took advantage of you over and over again then watched you bleed without empathy or remorse for their actions. 


Kelly, Accounts Manager

Working with Shelea has been life-changing. I tell everyone about her. My friends and family can see the difference in me. I have been working with counselors on and off since my 20's but Shelea pushed me through 4 weeks of intense homework that actually WORKS! I had been searching for tools...she gave them to me. I use them every day. 


Darci, Dermatology PA

I know for certain God placed Shelea in my life at the exact time I needed her  and I just have this immense amount of gratitude for the growth I went through.

It seems cliche but I truly feel like that chapter of pain and heartache is finally closed and my heart is healed and open for the next one ahead. 


Randy, Business Owner

It took me a long time to learn this...I didn't know how. Shelea taught me self-love is not just a one time thing. To love and myself and who I am is something I do over and over again. 

Shelea will show you how too. I was a train wreck...seriously. What a huge difference she has made in my life. I use the tools taught me EVERYDAY. 

Dinner with Friends



 You FEEL empowered. 

 You discover your Value, Worth & Purpose.  

 You're happy, confident, strong and FREE. 

 You say No to what doesn't serve you and YES to what does!

 The strong, sexy, confident YOU is back and better than ever.

 You navigate your new life with dignity, style, and grace. 

  You are Motivated, Unstoppable, Fierce...nothing in your way!

  Imagine your heart, mind, and body healing and whole again. 

  You are finally the person you want to be. 

  You are ready to LOVE again!

  You are healthy, whole, and secure, ready for a good relationship.

The Pain to Purpose Project

The Pain to Purpose Project is a program crafted specifically for the resilient individuals who are looking to heal from the pain of their current or past relationships. A journey of rebuilding self-esteem, overcoming fear, loneliness, guilt, shame, and insecurity while discovering their purpose, unshakable worth, value, and inner strength like never before. 

We start by uncovering your hidden strength, improving self-confidence and identifying abusive patterns to support your personal evolution from pain to purpose.


We then set weekly and monthly goals to keep you moving forward through your transformational healing journey.


We provide strategies and unlimited support through guidance calls, emails, voice messages, and video calls. You are never alone through this journey.


Feel supported when facing custody arrangements, communication issues, and financial barriers that create massive stress and take a huge toll on your mental health.


We then take action on everything we’ve discovered and learned in order to stay committed and accountable in the journey to take your life back.

Still Not Sure If We'd Be A Good Fit?


You have troubles setting boundaries and immediately recognizing unhealthy patterns in your relationships.


You deeply desire the ability to take control of your life as a healthy, independent woman.


You’ve felt lost and overwhelmed with where your life is and need strategies to find yourself and choose yourself so you never get lost again.


You want to get YOU back but even BETTER than before.


Your ready to fight for peace in your life and want a transformational, proven system to rediscover your voice and purpose.


Meet Your Coach



Shelea Daily is a Registered Nurse and Narcissist Abuse Recovery Coach with a big vision to help survivors of narcissist abuse reclaim a life of purpose and meaning.  

During her own healing journey she became frustrated with the lack of resources available to help victims of narcissistic abuse move forward in life and heal from the pain.

She experienced a massive gap between learning about narcissism and finding practical tools to take the next steps. This ignited her vision to create The Pain to Purpose Project.  After her own healing journey, she carefully wove together the elements and techniques that transformed her own pain into purpose coupled with more than 20 years of nursing, to create this Signature Course. 

She helps clients experience rapid and lasting healing by connecting body, heart, and mind work, which her clients refer to as her “magic sauce!”


  • Today Shelea has a sold-out 1-1 coaching program with clients from around the world. 

  • Her private Facebook group with 22,000 + members.

  • Exclusive retreats and trainings

  • Multiple digital courses 

  • Success stories from clients around the world. 

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