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pain to purpose 

FULL Pain to purpose course
Full co-parenting course




Hi friend, chances are if you're reading this right now you've been through hell and back with a narcissist, emotional abuser, or toxic relationship.

Still questioning in this very moment if it was your fault. Still confused about what happened to you and holding on to the shame of letting it happen.


Books, counseling, Instagram pages, Facebook groups, family, and friends have not been able to help you move forward. You feel stuck in the prison of your own thoughts and feelings.


Everyday you wake up with horrible thoughts about the abuse running through your head like a bad movie reel on repeat and you just want it to stop.

You know there has to be another way to move forward and finally heal.

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meet a few people just like you


Kelly, Accounts Manager

Working with Shelea has been life-changing. I tell everyone about her. My friends and family can see the difference in me. I have been working with counselors on and off since my 20's but Shelea pushed me through 4 weeks of intense homework that actually WORKS! I had been searching for tools...she gave them to me. I use them every day. 


Darci, Dermatology PA

I know for certain God placed Shelea in my life at the exact time I needed her  and I just have this immense amount of gratitude for the growth I went through.

It seems cliche but I truly feel like that chapter of pain and heartache is finally closed and my heart is healed and open for the next one ahead. 


Randy, Business Owner

It took me a long time to learn this...I didn't know how. Shelea taught me self-love is not just a one time thing. To love and myself and who I am is something I do over and over again. 

Shelea will show you how too. I was a train wreck...seriously. What a huge difference she has made in my life. I use the tools taught me EVERYDAY. 


You are not alone in want to

 find yourself again. to live. to dream

the confident, free, best version of you!

Certain. clear about your next steps.

Strong. unstoppable. Empowered.

I know that seems hard to believe because you have been

so let down by people that promised to help you.

I understand that. because I have been where you are.

Let me share with you the exact steps

I took that completely changed my life.

In the Pain to purpose course we walk through each step!

pain to purpose 

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Module 1 - Welcome

From confusion to clarity. Learn how to navigate the course utilizing each tool for your maximum benefit and transformation. 

module 2 - narcissist 101

Understand the diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Terms, symptoms, treatments, and specific techniques to finally understand what happened and who they are. Know exactly how to respond, fight back, and feel empowered to not be manipulated by the lies. 


module 3 - stop the chatterbox

The non-stop thought loop that plays constantly on repeat in your mind reminding you of the trauma and pain. Learn how to listen to your chatterbox so you can stop the negative and debilitating self-talk. Turn your mind into an instrument to create relief and happiness instead of insecurity and pain.


module 4 - Though shifting

You have the ability to change all of your emotions by changing your thoughts. By breaking the negative thought loop you will learn how to move out of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, and painful thoughts and regain control of the moment. This module is so powerful as you learn to observe and "feel your feelings" but not be controlled by them!   

module 5 - Self-Love

Everyone tells you to love yourself but nobody tells you how! When you begin to love yourself, be confident, and know your worth, everything will change. I'm going to give you the practical steps to build self-esteem and unshakable confidence in weeks not years. The YOU that loved life, was bold, vibrant, and strong...the very best version of you still exist on the other side of healing. Let's find that person again! 

module 6 - Boundaries 

Boundaries are not about saying yes or no. Boundaries allow us to honor ourselves, time, energy, and peace while making guilt free decisions and cultivating self-love. 

module 7 - I am 

Who are you? Can you confidently define who you are? Not your role (mom, dad, teacher) but rather your identity. Learn to define who you are and what you want in life. With clarity and purpose boldly proclaim who you are and that it IS GOOD. 


module 8- Relationships

Are you tired of repeating destructive relationship patterns and cycles? Wouldn't you like to understand your needs but also who are compatible with? This module will give you the roadmap to break old habits and choose a partner from a place of wholeness and clarity. 


module 9 - Create your life

It's time! Your time! This is about the life you want and know you deserve. I'm going to show you how to create an exciting future to look forward to. No more "doom and gloom" as you look ahead. You will learn how to align your potential, desires, and needs to attract all the goodness and possibilities life has for you. You are limitless and life can be fun again. 

Bonus module - empowering language 

Do you apologize all the time? Do you constantly criticize yourself for being late or any perceived flaw? NO WONDER you feel bad. Let's change that! I give you examples and the exact words to switch you from kicking your own butt to feeling like the amazing person you truly are!


   Boundary Building Blocks ($100 value)

   Affirmations & Journal Prompts ($50 value)

   Swap Your Habits Guide ($50 value)



Co-parenting with a narcissist



How sick are you of the Ex pushing your buttons, manipulating the kids, attorneys, family, friends, schools, and pretty much every situation? Reallyyyyy sick of it right? Your kids want more and you want more for them but the narcissist is relentless in the attacks...even in front of the kids so it feels impossible! The triggers are there from the abuse and now frustrated and exhausted YOU needs some help and answers.

I am there with you and I want to share some things that have worked for me.



Collecting the massive amount information of needed for court, organizing the facts, the's overwhelming. But the fact is having the right information that supports your story is necessary to win your case.


Often during this stressful time (and co-parenting in general) it's hard to managed all emotions that surface. Fear, anger, frustration, and confusion can make you question yourself and wonder if you really are going crazy!


The good news is you're not crazy and you never were! You just don't have the tools you need to respond to the narcissist in a way that empowers you versus leaves you feeling drained of hope and energy.

That's why I created this bundle just for you! This 3 module course guides you step-by-step with video, worksheets, and a detailed roadmap to support you through each scenario.


- Going to Court

- Conditioned Response

- Respond vs React

You do not have to walk this journey alone.


Let the Shelea guide and help you along the way with other members of the Pain to Purpose family. Together we create support, community, and empower each other through awareness and education. 

The greatest investment you'll ever make is in yourself








Bonuses with pay in full (most popular choice)

1 day FREE private Voxer support Shelea! $333 value

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